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Karen Campbell

This delivery framework allows the space necessary to creatively explore the design possibilities for your project while managing deadlines and deliverables to ensure schedule milestones are met.

As the founding member and principal designer my focus places emphasis on serving our clients.  With 30+ years practicing design, I curate each project delivery using time tested tools that bring efficiency in delivering a design project with creativity, from concept to completion.
The Pacific Northwest is my home.  I grew up hiking, skiing, and camping in the area with family and friends.  This immersion in those formative years, has provided a strong connection to my natural surroundings and as an Interior Designer, it inspires my work.
Photography has always been a personal creative outlet and I use my camera lens to capture the vistas and microcosims that never fail to captivate and inspire me.

Your project is our project!

The Campbell Creative team is passionate about creating spaces that are responsive and pleasing to our clients.  We work collaboratively with the entire team to leverage knowledge and expertise.  Listening, learning, and translating into well designed and beautifully detailed projects.

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