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South Sound

Seeking escape from the whirlwind of urban life, a young professional couple find respite for their family in the suburban Pacific Northwest.

As life changes, personal priorities change.  The whiz bang of an urban lifestyle with access to entertainment, dining, and social connection has faded away to the yearning for peaceful family connection.  Sights were set on finding an environment to support the new needs of this growing family.  They settled into a home in a new development that was nestled in in an already thriving suburban community and enlisted my services to furnish, style, and accessorize for maximum family enjoyment!

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My husband and I had never used a designer before and weren’t quite sure of the processes. After asking us a few questions and scope of the project, she brought us a bunch of sample ideas to get a better understanding of what we liked and didn’t like. She scoped out each room, and the rest of the house to get a better understanding of any ideas we already had. Karen listened carefully to the comments each of us made, especially when our opinions differed. I really appreciated the visuals she brought with her and her encouragement to see the pieces in person. We have a number of pieces that we would have never thought to pick out on our own, but absolutely love the way it makes our home feel. We personally enjoyed how Karen took to heart our desire to have as many “kid friendly” options as possible. While she didn’t design every room in our home, her attention to detail allowed for the entire space to feel very cohesive. Overall, we’ve been living in the design for almost a year and we often speak about how much we love our space, especially in the beautiful way it incorporates both our aesthetic and is a wonderfully useful space for our children to play! We’ve also received many compliments from family, friends, and neighbors.

-Delighted Cient-

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